Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diet Butcher Slim Skin

Founded in 1997 by Hisashi Fukatami, Diet Butcher Slim Skin is a Japanese fashion label based out of Tokyo. The label focuses on producing modern clothing with punk influence and a brand manifesto of freedom in clothing. The unique approach to crossing punk style designs with classic, sophisticated clothing styles has made the label highly regarded in both Japan and a growing international community. This is not the current collection, but I kind of thought it reflected a bit of a stronger creative direction. You can see the other collections at their website or view more detailed shots of their garments at Oki-ni.

Dior FW11/12

So I know I usually will only post more "fringe" kinds of artists/designers on here, but Dior Homme captivated me just a little bit, no?

Red is a definite popular motif recently... I think it was first used very effectively with Damir in his SS10 collection, Julius does some nice things with more blood reds, especially in his leather (see the bag below); as I have previously posted Yohan Serfaty used red really nicely as does Yohji Yamamoto, and my all time favourite: The Carol Christian Poell Shoes. 

But I digress....

 Who could forget Yohji?


INKINK collective consists of two people - Abo (Kiev) & Ooli (Saint-Petersburg). Their work spans Street art, Illustration and Typography.

Blow Up with Loewe

Soon to set up their first shop in London, we are all by now familiar with leading luxury brand of Spanish origins Loewe, as well as their signature Amazonia Padlock Bag which is celebrated through the recent release of the "Blow Up with Loewe" film.
"Sensual and beautiful - but built like a tank" is how film director James Lima describes the classic and enduringly popular Amazona bag. identifiable by the distinctive Padlock, sophisticated structure and elegant finish on the leather, the bag has been in production (and in increasing demand) for the past 35 years.
The "Blow Up" film is directed by special effects authority James Lima, styled by Katie Grand, starring Ana Beatriz Barros. 
The film’s concept, explained by Lima, was to "bring beauty to the chaos in a way that was almost sensual", with Katie Grand adding: "We wanted to take the beauty of the Amazona’s construction in a new direction, by deconstructing it beautifully."

(read: Let's get PRETTY THINGS and blow tha SHIIEET outta them!!!!!!!!)

© Loewe,

Robert Knoke

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