Sunday, February 27, 2011

DEVOA - Destrustion and Construction - FW 10/11

A couple of highights from previous collections:

Japanese label Devoa was conceived by a former medical trainer and athlete Daisuke Nishida. He utilises the Human Form and the increasingly innovative features of Japanese textiles to create garments subtle in colour, rich in texture and minimal in construction.
He claims that his “research starts with the understanding of the natural movements of the human body. He then constructs patterns towards the movement of skin, muscle, and frame for an action.” DEVOA clothing is based on hypothesis, and draws inspiration from the theory of human change, on a scale as large as the theory of evolution itself to something as small as the growth and degeneration of the individual throughout life. Devoa clothing is available at Layers, and also check out the site which has some really nice pictures of his buyer's presentations.

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